Mark Gregston

About Mark

For over 30 years, Mark has been helping families and teens through the challenges of adolescence.



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Parenting Today’s Teens develops and provides materials and opportunities for parents that are relevant to today’s teen culture, Biblical in nature, and practical in application. Learn more about our numerous books, DVDs, retreats, curriculum, workbooks, newsletters, and more.

Today’s teen culture seems more and more confusing than ever. Teens are being bombarded by a highly sexualized culture and over- exposure to behaviors, words and images that can influence them beyond a parent’s reach.

Will parents be ready when their teen needs them the most?

Offer families in your church and community help and hope as they navigate the often turbulent teen years.

There is hope….

Parenting Today’s Teens along with the Heartlight Ministries Foundation offer help and hope to parents of teens and soon to be teens through their series of powerful seminars

“For parents ready to admit they need guidance with their teen there is no one more qualified to learn from than Mark Gregston.”

–Dr James MacDonald, Host and teacher Walk in the Word, Senior Pastor Harvest Bible Chapel