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Is a Christian boarding school necessary for your teen?

Heartlight has helped parents help their teens get their lives back on track for nearly forty years and would love to help you. But first, we want to make sure that boarding school is the right decision for your team.

Take this free assessment to better understand how bad things are—and how you can get help.

Does your teen refuse to abide by anything you say or request, and does his or her resulting behaviors create constant fear or stress in the home?

Does your teen display behavior that is a marked change from what has been normal? (sleeping little or too long, forgetfulness, lack of motivation, aggression, depression, anxiety, grades slipping, hating what they once loved or loving what they once hated, always wanting to be with friends or away from home, or avoiding friends altogether and spending too much time alone).

Is your teen increasingly disrespectful, dishonest, disobedient, and openly displaying rebellion, no longer veiling his or her feelings or caring about the consequences?

Does your teen show a blatant ignorance or profound rebellion toward the boundaries, belief system or rules of your home?

Does your teen express outright or veiled threats of suicide, or self-mutilation/cutting, excessive risk-taking, dangerous drug use or blatant sexual promiscuity?

Does your teen show threatening behavior to people, pets or belongings?

Has counseling provided any positive progress for your teen?

Does your teen refuse to do anything family-related and/or display a growing hatred for your family?

Does your teen hang out with peers who are leading a lifestyle counter to your beliefs? Is your teen buying into their destructive behavior and attitudes?

You answered yes on fewer than 5 these signs — which means that as difficult as things may seem, boarding school might not be necessary.

However, we'd love to invite you to one of our Family In Crisis Retreats at our campus in East Texas. This retreat is designed to provide the parents of difficult teens many of the skills we teach our own staff. Come learn how to get your teen on the right path in life by behavior expert and Heartlight founder, Mark Gregston. You’ll learn everything you need to know to parent a rebellious or misbehaving teen in a totally new and more effective way.

Click the link below to find our more about our upcoming retreat schedule.

You answered yes on 5 or more of these signs, which means we need to talk.

There is nothing worse than living with a teen spinning out of control, and no worse feeling than the hopelessness parents experience as a result. It’s difficult to know what to do and how to react when your teen daily reaches new lows in disobedience, dishonesty and disrespect.

Every day, we hear from dozens of frustrated parents who share how their once normal and happy child is now dangerously out of control—abusing drugs or alcohol, lying, stealing, cutting or engaging in other destructive or disturbing behavior. They talk about how it has disrupted their home, how they fear for their child’s future—even their life. We hear it over and over again: “My child is no longer who she used to be.”

Your teen needs you to intervene. The downward spiral can have tremendous destructive potential with lifelong consequences, or even bring a young life to a quick end. When teens spin out of control, they need a responsible adult to respond, not react—even if they do everything they can to shut you out. Don’t ignore the evidence. that your teen is spinning out of control. Act today based on what you know is true—your faith, your own beliefs, and what you know is best. for your teen.

Heartlight’s therapeutic program can provide your teen with the help, healing, and mentoring he or she needs—as well as defined boundaries and a continued education. Heartlight also hosts seminars and weekend retreats to ensure success for the whole family. And the Heartlight staff help parents learn what to expect from their teen as they move through the program.

Everyone can then look past heated emotions to focus on healing. When you need help, hope, and healing, you’ll find it at Heartlight.

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