My adopted teen is in a downward spiral… What do I do? 

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Did you know that over half the kids that live with us at Heartlight boarding school come from adoptive families? People ask us all the time why we have so many adopted kids in our program.

The answer is a little complex, as I really think it has to do more with the parents and their ability to handle the presenting issues than it does the actual issues that are being fleshed out in the life of a child.

There are times that parents are “blindsided” by problems and issues that they don’t know how to handle, and just when they tackle that problem, another comes from out of “left field” to complicate everything just a little more.

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Mark spends 90 percent of his weekends teaching, and also hosts the Parenting Today's Teens radio program. Mark is happily married with two children, four grandchildren, one dog, and too many horses.

About Mark Gregston

Mark Gregston has been helping parents and teens for more than 40 years. He is the founder and executive director of Heartlight, a residential counseling center for teens, which has helped more than 2,500 struggling adolescents.

We love adoption, and we love teenagers. That’s why we want to equip you as a parent of an adopted teen to guide them through the often turbulent teenage years as they wrestle with questions like, “Why did my birth mother give me up?” or feelings of unwantedness, self-doubt, or rebellion against their adopted family.

In our new eBook Parenting an Adopted Teen, we’ll guide you through the common issues we’ve seen in adopted teens, answer questions such as, “Do adopted kids have more problems than birth children?”, and give you practical application tips for helping your adopted child feel confident in their place in your family and secure in their relationship with you.

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