The mission of the Heartlight Ministries is to provide as many resources as possible to help parents as they walk with their child through the often-turbulent teenage years. These resources are of various sorts, all aimed at giving parents tools to deal with issues that arise with their teen.

Books and Booklets – Mark Gregston has authored several books for parents who want to be prepared for the teen years, and to help parents through situations where their teen is struggling. To order any of these books or booklets, please click here.

Seminars and Conferences – With events like our Families in Crisis Conference, our seminars and conferences are designed for parents seeking insightful and practical parenting techniques for a confusing culture. Learn more about these live events.

Workbooks and Curriculum Series – The Developing a Belief System for Your Home workbook is designed to help parents implement change and avoid chaos, including the step-by-step development of rules and consequences for your home. Learn more about the workbook.

Weekly Parenting Tips Newsletter – Sign up for the Parenting Tips Newsletter and receive articles dealing with particular issues facing parents of teens today. Included are new products, upcoming events, links to Mark’s Daily Radio Program and more. Sign up for our newsletter.

Daily and Weekly Radio Programs – Free Parenting Today’s Teens radio resources are available to local radio stations, or can be heard on XM/Sirus Radio throughout the nation. To subscribe to the radio program podcast, click here.

App – Download the Parenting Today’s Teens app today and tap into a whole world of parenting tools, help, and inspiration. Apple or Android.

Heartlight Boarding School – Should your teen not respond to you in your efforts to parent at home, and you feel that your child might need to be placed in a therapeutic counseling center, you won’t find any better than Heartlight. Located in the piney woods of East Texas, our year-long residential program provides a safe haven for your child in a relational atmosphere where intense counseling, academics, and structure allow your children to work through issues confronting your family. To learn more, click here.

Heartlight Referral Program – If Heartlight is not the best fit for a child because of geographical location, available resources or availability, we’ll help you find a program that’s right for a family. We offer this service at no cost.

Heartlight Crisis Coaching – Are you facing a family crisis? Feel like you have no one to call on? Our Families in Crisis Coaching Program gives parents the opportunity to speak directly with counseling professionals. Click here to learn more.