When unhealthy patterns of dealing with life issues (lying, selfishness, deceitfulness, manipulation, entitlement, depression, lack of motivation, disrespect for authority, confusion, etc.) are present, Heartlight Boarding School offers a safe and encouraging short-term living environment specifically designed to bring about a change in the teenager’s thinking and actions.

Our philosophy entails a biblical counseling approach with five levels of achievement. Each teen is involved in activities that offer support through individual and group counseling and 24/7 mentoring. Each staff member understands the security and significance we all seek can be found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who desires to fill the empty chasms of life and give meaning, purpose, and direction to our life.

Simply put, Heartlight Boarding School does not condone, participate in, or inflict corporal punishment (any form of inflicting pain or physical deprivation) on the teenagers in its care. Our policy reflects our belief that corporal punishment counters the effort to build relationships for the purpose of correcting unhealthy patterns of inappropriate behavior. Instead, we’ve learned that a more effective and teachable form of discipline entails the loss of certain privileges and added chores for the errant resident. When chores are added, staff participates alongside the resident, using it as an opportunity to relate.