The academic arena for all the Heartlight Boarding School residents is focused on the specific needs of each student. This is done in a setting that provides an opportunity to transition back into a school setting, both academically and socially. Residents can be enrolled throughout the calendar year.

We know three things when a teen is accepted into the Heartlight program. First of all, chances are that their individual struggles and difficulties have affected their academic pursuits. Secondly, many students are “behind” or need to “make up” lost credits to ensure a timely graduation. And thirdly, we know that most of the teens at Heartlight will be returning to their old school, and transition back into the “old environment” of friends, temptations, and social pressures.

We create an academic environment that gives teens the chance to make up lost credits, get ahead with credits by allowing individual pacing under the supervision of four full-time teachers, and ease the tension of moving into the academic back home by allowing students to make most of that transition during their stay at Heartlight.

Heartlight utilizes two fully-accredited on-line high school curriculums being Park City Independent and Texas Tech High School. Students are allowed to take the classes they need, and get the help from our teaching staff. The staff teaches the material, helps with the testing, and gives specific and individual attention to each person. Academic plans are formulated for the student’s needs for graduating from their school back home. Making up lost credit and preparing for the educational transition after they leave Heartlight is key for a student’s overall success.