Vision Center

Our Vision Center – the new facility that was completed in early 2018 – will house a recording studio, a video filming area, and a welcoming reception area for incoming Heartlight families. It’s there that we create content for our radio ministry and conduct all work for publishing, radio relationships, seminar/event planning, fundraising efforts, and admission/resource communications.

Conference Center

Heartlight’s showcase building is the 11,000-square-foot Conference Center which houses the Heartlight offices and provides a setting for counseling, programs, special meals, performances, and retreats. The modern log-exterior building located at the center of the campus adds to the overall relaxed atmosphere of Heartlight.

Educational Building

Our Educational Building is where teens come to learn. It offers learning-oriented tools and technologies, providing an opportunity to transition back into a school setting, both academically and socially. It also has a separate area with fitness equipment for residents to use throughout their stay.

Heartlight West

One of the newest houses, Heartlight West houses eight girls and three staff members and also serves as a main meeting area to the West Cabins residents.

West Cabins

Three independent cabins allows older girls, who have already progressed through the Heartlight Level System, to assume responsibility for their own living arrangements.

Vicki’s Cabins

Vicki’s House and Cabins: In memory of Vicki O’Connell, a main cabin was built to serve as a central meeting place for the boys residing in four adjacent cabins. Having independent cabins allows older boys, who have already progressed through the Heartlight Level System, to assume responsibility for their own living arrangements.

Vicki_3 Vicki_2


The East Home is located adjacent to the main campus. It houses eight guys and five staff members.


Old Lodge

Old Lodge houses six residents and three staff members and is located across from Heartlight’s Conference Center.

New Lodge

New Lodge houses seven male residents and three staff members. While similar to Old Lodge, this house is larger and two years newer, and is located directly across from Heartlight’s Conference Center.


South House is not a log structure, but is indeed a comfortable home for the eight girls and four staff who live there.

Lake House

The Heartlight Lake House provides a restful place to hold programs during the warm summer months. Heartlight’s extensive water sports program is enjoyed by all in a setting that allows a retreat from the intensity of the program on the Main Campus.


Heartlight is equipped with a large riding area that allows Heartlight’s residents to engage in house soccer and barrel racing. Residents also enjoy taking trail rides around Heartlight’s many acres.