Heartlight works hard to create an atmosphere of change for kids that usually don’t desire to make those changes quite as quick as parents and our staff desire.  To do so, Heartlight integrates a structured schedule of activity and program opportunities amidst the seriousness of dealing with the therapeutic needs of each resident. All of this is accomplished with focus on developing connections.

Activities include the riding and care of horses, wakeboarding and water skiing, bicycling, rappelling and rock climbing, paintballing, and various outdoor activities. Our program schedule includes a weekly Q&A event, a Master’s activity program, and optional Bible studies. Amidst all the activity, our counseling staff has weekly counseling times and group therapy meetings.


Taking advantage of every teen’s desire for socialization, activity and the longing to connect with others, Heartlight believes that it is through the exercise of relationships that people change, which is why it’s such a heavy emphasis in our program.