Parent Comments

Below are comments and reviews from the parents of residents of Heartlight over the years. We believe that their words echo what thousands of others parents feel who have placed a teenager in our program.

For a current referral list of parents who have had a teenager in the Heartlight program, please contact Melissa Nelson, Director of Admissions, at the Heartlight Office at (903) 668-2173 and a listing will be faxed or emailed to you.

“I’m convinced that if it had not been for Heartlight, our daughter would not be alive today. They not only taught our daughter how to live upright, but they also taught my wife and me the skills we needed for change within our home.” –Kevin Harrell

“What makes Heartlight different than the other specialists who tried to help our son is Mark’s practical experience, love, commitment, and most importantly, his years of living and working with sad, struggling kids who have needs beyond the capabilities of their parents. He has a God-given gift to see into the hearts of kids who are hurting.” –Cindy Strain

“Heartlight was the light in the midst of darkness for our struggling teen daughter, giving us hope when we were hopeless.” –Bill & Elise Daniel

“Mark has the God-given talent of probing the heart of a teenager, identifying their struggle and offering a common sense biblical perspective on living through it. I experienced Mark’s gift first-hand and am now attempting to pass it down to my kids.”–James Brookhart