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An out-of-control teenager is one who doesn’t appear to have the ability to function within and under the established boundaries and rules of a home. And the resulting behaviors, if allowed to continue, could have dangerous or grave consequences.

Regardless of the reasons behind the behavior, intervention may be necessary, and a course of action must be taken to protect the child from his or her own actions.

If this is where your family is today, then I welcome you to contact me. I am Melissa Nelson, Admissions Director for Heartlight. And even if our program is not right for your child, I would be pleased to assist you by steering you in the direction of other programs that I am aware of.

The Admissions Process

After initial contact through our inquiry form, we’ll give you a call. If it looks like our program is a good fit, we will either send you the admissions forms or you can download them online. Heartlight only accepts students who are struggling, require ongoing counseling and guidance, and who need a break away from family or peers. In short, our counselors need to get a good handle on the situation before determining if Heartlight may be the right solution.

In emergency situations, and if there is a current opening at Heartlight, the process and placement of the child can often be accomplished very quickly if our counseling staff discerns that your child will benefit from the Heartlight program.

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Questions to Ask

If Heartlight Boarding School is not right for your child or more costly than your finances allow, we’ll help you find a therapeutic program that aligns with your budget and with your child’s needs. Regardless, please click the link above to inquire.