Heartlight began in 1988 as a dream of Mark and Jan Gregston’s to develop place of hope for parents who were struggling with their teens. Dedicated to building a program that is saturated in relationships, Mark and Jan lived in the house with kids as the program began, and through the years, the capacity of kids has increased to 56 teens supported by a staff of 40.

Through the years, more and more log cabins were built, reflecting more of a relaxed atmosphere that invited deep conversations, loving relationships, effective Christian based counseling program, and an active lifestyle.

One would look at the Heartlight property and guess that there was a master plan in it’s buildings and development. Mark would tell you otherwise. He’s stated many times that there was never a “master plan”, but he always felt the Master had a plan. So to Him, Mark and Jan left the details of what Heartlight was going to be. And what its become is a place of help and hope for thousands of families who either place their child at Heartlight, or attend one of the many conferences or retreats.

Heartlight is a combination of a camp atmosphere and the intensity of therapy that is immersed in relationships. Young Life’s influence can be felt in all activities. A camp’s activities can be seen in all the program schedules. And, the love of a committed staff dedicated to excellence can be experienced on every level of interaction. It is truly a unique place that has become a haven of help and hope for struggling parents and teens.