Jan 06 by Mark Gregston.

Pain is Predictable


Pain is predictable. You don’t have to guess. Guaranteed. It’s coming. Because… anytime you confront foolish thinking, when two value systems clash, or have a contest of opinions and ideas… it’s painful.

Hi, I’m Mark Gregston… with Parenting Today’s Teens.

Moms and dads …if you have teens or pre-teens, you know what I’m talkin’ about. Anytime your kid lashes out… pain is just around the corner. When your authority needs to be re-established, when wrong motives and desires are exposed, or when your teen is confronted, limited, or restricted… hey …it’s painful.

But don’t let pain’s predictability keep you from doing your job. Effective parenting doesn’t mean you need to make everyone feel better …or keep everyone happy. In fact, conflict may be the bold blinking neon sign that God’s healing work has begun in your family!

So, when pain shows up in your home, don’t run from it. Use it.

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