Aug 08 by Mark Gregston.

Tools of Torment


Back in my day, bullies were confined to name-calling at lunchtime … taunts on the playground … or fights behind the gym after school. But today, bullies have way more tools of torment at their disposal.

Hi, I’m Mark Gregston … with Parenting Today’s Teens.

You know, there’s probably nothing that makes me any more angry than when I see kids goin’ at each other in a slug fest. But these days, cyber bullies are far more prevalent. Teens post insults on message boards … send threats through text messages … spread rumors via Facebook. To cut someone down, all a bully needs is an Internet connection and a little imagination.

So Mom, Dad … keep tabs on your teen … not only to protect him … but to make sure you don’t have a bully right under your roof!

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