Aug 14 by Mark Gregston.

Give It a Rest


Parents need to spend a little less time nagging … and a little more time creating a peaceful harbor for their kids!

Hi, I’m Mark Gregston … with Parenting Today’s Teens.

When our teens get home from school, we’re like, “You need to do this … and you need to meet this expectation … and this is what we want from you.” And they’re just looking at us going, “Man, can I never get a break?”

So here’s my challenge to you this week:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday … go ahead and correct your teen.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday … don’t make any negative comments.

And Sunday … give it a rest!

Push too hard and you will live to regret it! Let your teen breathe! Assure him that under your roof … he will find a safe place to rest.

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