Aug 15 by Mark Gregston.

Don’t Quit!


It doesn’t matter how good a parent you are. There are forces at work in today’s culture that can send your teen spinning out of control!

Hi, I’m Mark Gregston … with Parenting Today’s Teens.

Maybe you’ve just gone through a shouting match with your teen … and you’re asking yourself, “What just happened?” Maybe you’ve just discovered something ugly on his computer. Or, maybe you caught your daughter lying to your face.

To all of this, two simple words come to mind …

When your family’s in chaos … don’t quit!

When your teen says he hates you … don’t quit!

When it’s 3:00 a.m. … and you have no idea where your teen is … don’t quit!

Whatever your situation … remember … God hasn’t overlooked you. Rest in His presence. And never, never, never quit.

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