Jul 08 by Mark Gregston.



Susanna came from a great home with Christian parents. She grew up attending church, playing sports, and going to youth group. But by the time she turned 17, she was selling drugs, abusing alcohol, and using meth at a rate of 500 dollars a day.

Hi, I’m Mark Gregston … with Parenting Today’s Teens.

Susanna’s parents knew their daughter needed intervention, so they gave her a hard choice: get care and recovery at Heartlight Ministries … or leave home. Thankfully, she decided to get the help she needed.

I had the privilege of watching this troubled teen blossom into a beautiful and confident young woman. And after a year in our program, Susanna graduated clean from drugs and with a new perspective on life.

Could your teen’s life need intervention? No matter how bad things get … it’s never too late to turn them around.

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