Jul 10 by Mark Gregston.

Be a Parent


Today’s moms and dads are so worried about being friends with their kids … they’ve forgotten how to be parents!

Hi, I’m Mark Gregston … with Parenting Today’s Teens.

I’ve seen parents get so lax with their kids that they look more like buddies than parents. I like to call them “peer-ents.” But in my experience, their children grow up to be selfish, demanding, and aggressively controlling adults. Good luck finding friends then!

So how can we be parents … not “peer-ents”? Being a parent means you’re willing to exert some authority. You still know how to have fun … but you’re not afraid to put your foot down when needed. Because if you won’t fill that parental role, your kid will look for a role model elsewhere.

Hey, your teen has plenty of friends—they don’t need any more! Mom, Dad … be a parent!

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