Jun 04 by Mark Gregston.

Tough Love


Moms and dads have heard that sooner or later, they’ll have to show their teen a little “tough love.” But what exactly does that mean?

Hi, I’m Mark Gregston … with Parenting Today’s Teens.

Tough love isn’t making her suffer consequences, or holding her to a strict set of standards. That approach is actually pretty easy compared to what I believe it really is.

Tough love is loving your teen when she says she hates you. When she violates the very core of what you’re all about. When she’s intent on going against what you’ve taught her. And when she purposely pushes you to your limit and beyond.

I know it’s tough to love someone who’s acting like that. But trust me when I say your long-term reward will be worth the effort. Ready to use some “tough love”?

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