Jun 03 by Mark Gregston.

His Thirteenth Birthday


Is your child getting close to his thirteenth birthday? Mom, Dad, get ready for a major shift in parenting!

Hi, I’m Mark Gregston … with Parenting Today’s Teens.

For the first twelve years of your child’s life, you teach them. Then, it’s time to train them. For twelve years, you give them lectures. Then, you have conversations. For the first twelve years, you convey information. Then, you impart wisdom.

As your child becomes a teenager, his needs will change. He’ll need training, not teaching. Conversations, not lectures. Will you adjust your parenting style to meet the demands of each new season? Or hope that the same old tricks will still work?

Updating your parenting habits may be uncomfortable … and even a little bit painful. But make this birthday a turning point … for you and your teen

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