Troubled Teen Programs in Florida

Parents searching for troubled teen programs in Florida, should consider that the miles from home is not as important as the track record of success of the therapeutic program

teen programsAs you consider the components of a Florida troubled teen program that will best serve your needs, would you be willing to look at Heartlight, a program that incorporates the best of troubled teen programs and has brought hope to families for more than three decades?

Troubled teen programs come in many forms: wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, military boot camps, therapeutic boarding schools, and more. The best troubled teen programs include certain key elements: professional therapeutic care, academic excellence, family participation, and a safe haven for healing that encourages lasting change in the heart and mind of a teenager.

Although it is in Texas, rather than in Florida, Heartlight includes all of these critical elements and more.

Heartlight Uses a Relational Approach that Stands Out Among Troubled Teen Programs in Florida

Heartlight RelationshipsHeartlight uses a relational approach to helping adolescents and parents. Our staff work to establish trusting relationships, and transformation comes in the context of this life-on-life contact between teens and staff members. Parents also experience coaching and valuable parenting information at Parent Retreat weekends, as well as assistance in rebuilding relationships with their teens. Ultimately, we believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the ultimate transformation. This highly relational emphasis makes Heartlight unique among troubled teen programs.

Teens attend counseling every week with a masters-level counselor who is also the point of contact for the family. The counselor meets with each teen individually once weekly and in group sessions twice a week. In fact, counseling takes place continuously through the interactions of all of the staff in the course of daily routines.

[Many Troubled Teen Programs in Florida Offer Education|Most Residential Programs for Troubled Teens Offer Academics], but Heartlight Goes Farther to Address the Issues Causing the Academic Difficulty

A number of troubled teen programs address academic needs, but Heartlight brings exceptional understanding into the unique needs of the teenagers in its care. Heartlight acknowledges that teens in crisis situations have often lost interest in school and have sometimes fallen behind in the credits required for a timely graduation. Our self-paced curriculum, pursued under the guidance of qualified teachers, helps teens to earn these missed credits and put their education back on track. Furthermore, we remain focused on easing the transition to home by giving teens the skills to appropriately handle the pressures and temptations of a normal school before leaving the safety of Heartlight.

[Not All Troubled Teen Programs in Florida|Traditional Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Florida Fail to] Truly Get to the Heart of the Behavioral Difficulties

Troubled teen programs use all manner of approaches, some more beneficial than others, to modifying harmful teenage behavior. Heartlight stands out among these troubled teen programs of all types because of its pursuit of internal change. In every way, such as housing, counseling, recreation, and education, Heartlight generates a safe and loving environment that brings about genuine healing. We understand that a change of heart, an internal and genuine transformation, is the one that will last far beyond the teen’s return home.

Hundreds of families like yours, dealing with the pain of a teenager out of control, have been willing to go farther from home – even across the country – to find the program with the greatest ability to help their child.When you contact Heartlight, we will put you in touch with families like yours from places like Florida, all across the nation, who will share their experience with the hope and help that Heartlight has to offer.

Call us today to compare Heartlight to the troubled teen programs you’re considering in Florida. You will be glad you did.

We appreciate you for taking the time to consider the Heartlight Christian boarding school for troubled teens, even though it is not located in Florida.

Information about troubled teen programs in or near Florida:
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