Tennessee Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Tennessee Christian Boarding Schools May Not Be As Helpful to Your Teen as Heartlight.

If you are searching the best therapeutic boarding school for your teen, Heartlight helps teenagers and their families overcome tough behaviors that are resulting from trauma in their life. Heartlight operates from a beautiful 100-acre facility in East Texas, with comfortable, modern log-style homes as the residences for the teens in our care.

Even though you are looking for Christian boarding schools in Tennessee, perhaps you will also consider what Heartlight has to offer.

troubled teen schoolsTeenagers arrive at Heartlight from across the country, including from Tennessee.  Parents enroll troubled teenagers at Heartlight because they acknowledge the positive impact of this therapeutic boarding school. Heartlight offers a safe, relational environment that promotes lasting change in a teen’s heart.

A Therapeutic Residential Program is Needed for Teens Who are Self-Destructing, if Nothing Else than to Separate them from Inappropriate Influences Back at Home or School

The atmosphere at Heartlight’s Christian boarding school is chiefly relational. With approximately 40 staff employed to work with the 55 students enrolled, staff participation in teens’ lives is nearly constant. Though both boys and girls attend Heartlight, they are kept apart except for special supervised activities.

Our team works without ceasing to bring about change in the teenager’s thoughts and behaviors. To find out what parents say about Heartlight, please view the videos at the top of the page. Also see the impressive list of Christian leaders who endorse Heartlight.

Effective Therapy Requires Building a Strong Relationship…Heartlight is All About Building Relationships

counselorsOur professional team is trained in the fact that establishing trust with teens is the only effective avenue for bringing about change. A variety of fun indoor and outdoor activities present occasions for connection and relationship-building with our team while also improving self-esteem and self-confidence in the teen.

Family participation adds greatly to the success of the Heartlight Christian boarding school program. Parents and family are actively engaged in the process and are counseled and trained right along with the teenager.

Think About the Heartlight Christian Boarding School for Your Teen, Even Though It is Some Distance Away from Tennessee.

horsesWould you think about looking beyond Tennessee to see how Heartlight’s exceptional program can bring lasting change to your boy or girl and your family?

We invite you to visit our Troubled Teenager Warning Signs page to find out whether this is a Christian boarding school would be a good fit for your teen and your family.

Please make use of the resources and information available on our website, then fill out our inquiry form or call us today.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the Heartlight Christian boarding school, even though it is not located in Tennessee.

More about Christian boarding schools in or near Tennessee:
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Excerpt about Christian boarding schools in Tennessee, used with permission from Wikipedia.