Teen Anger Provoked By Parents

Written by Mark Gregston.

Teen Anger Provoked By ParentsIf you hadn’t noticed, teenagers are in an overactive state of emotion most of the time. It doesn’t take much to bring them to the point of exasperation. They can only take so much pressure before they shut down or act out of frustration or anger instead of clear or right thinking. Sometimes they’re provoked to the point of putting up walls of protection around themselves.

Smartphone Apps to Watch Out For

Written by Mark Gregston.

Smartphone Apps to Watch Out ForConfession time; I love my smart phone.  I check my e-mail, read books, listen to music, store my photos, and navigate directions. I can also use this handy device to talk to people, but that is almost a secondary function on this type of phone.  The technology in this tool can be wonderfully useful.  With all the information and functionality at our fingertips, we live in a world far different than the one we grew up in.

Maybe It’s Time to Shut-Up

Written by Mark Gregston.

Maybe It’s Time to Shut-UpThere is nothing so demeaning as assuming your child can’t think for himself. There is nothing so disrespectful as throwing your child’s mistakes back in his face and condemning him. Keep in mind that I am referring to teenagers here, not your 2-year-old.

Know Pain Know Gain

Written by Mark Gregston.

Know Pain Know GainIf pain were knocking on your door, you wouldn’t welcome him, invite him in, or help him in any way. You would send him to the next neighborhood, reassuring him that he was at the wrong address.

Parents in trouble with their teen call me when they are in pain and need help, but I’ve learned that many are just looking for an affirmation or justification of their own plan or ideas. Sadly, most people only accept advice when they agree with it, when it fits into their own time schedule, and when the outcome is what they predicted.

Could You Be the Prodigal?

Written by Mark Gregston.

Could You Be the Prodigal?In a world where parents indulge their kids with everything they want, it would seem that these kids would be especially grateful.  Instead, a generation has become selfish, self-centered, and unprepared for real life.

A dictionary definition of a “prodigal” is “one who spends or gives lavishly and foolishly.”  You may think your teenager is acting like a prodigal these days, but have you considered that according to this definition, you may be the prodigal yourself?

Connecting with Your Teen

Written by Mark Gregston.

Connecting with Your TeenEvery parent of a teenager wants to build a strong line of communication with his or her teen. But sadly, the opposite is most often true. I’d like to share with you some simple tips to improve your communications with your teen.

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