Boundaries for Your Teen

Written by Mark Gregston.

Boundaries for Your TeenIt is never an easy “enlightenment” to find out that your teen has been doing things that are hardly acceptable, and it can be completely devastating when the truth comes out. Most parents are appalled. They just “can’t believe” that their child would “ever do such a thing.”

Consider the letter I received just the other day…

Teens and Alcohol: A Dangerous Mixture

Written by Mark Gregston.

Eric was not a bad kid.  He didn’t mean to hurt anyone.  For Eric, drinking wasn’t a serious issue.  Sure, he was under age, but he had been drinking alcohol since he was fifteen.  It was simply a way to hang out with friends and socialize.  And at eighteen, Eric felt he was mature enough to handle his alcohol.

How You Could be Missing Your Child’s Heart

Written by Mark Gregston.

The story goes that Jesus was invited to come over to a friend’s house to sit down, relax, and swap stories.  One of the hostesses of the get-together was a lady by the name of Martha, and she was your typical type A personality.  The morning of the party, Martha frantically cleaned, cooked, and prepared the house for Jesus and the other guests to arrive.  Then she spent the whole time during the party washing used plates, wiping up spills, refreshing everyone’s drink—basically running around like a chicken with her head cut off!

Your Teen’s Selfishness

Written by Mark Gregston.

Your Teen’s SelfishnessWhat have you done today to help your teenager grow in maturity? Some parents feed their teen’s selfishness into adult years by continuing to rotate their life around them.  I tell parents that at age 15 it is time for them to begin aggressively helping their teen get over a selfish mindset.

Your Teen’s Need to Fit In

Written by Mark Gregston.

Your Teen’s Need to Fit InDo you recall some stupid things you did as a teenager? I do, and I’m sure you do, too. I guess that’s why many of us parents work overtime to help our teenagers avoid such embarrassment. But unfortunately, these life lessons cannot be learned any other way. Experiencing and becoming embarrassed by our own immaturity can do far more to help us reach maturity than anything else.

When Your Teen is Struggling

Written by Mark Gregston.

When Your Teen is StrugglingHave you ever asked yourself, “What on earth does God have in mind by allowing both me and my teen to struggle so?”

I often see Christians who believe that parenting according to scriptural values, taking their kids to church every time the doors are open, and promoting family togetherness means that all will be well in the teenage years. Like buying an insurance plan, they think that doing the right things will bring about the right result.

YOU can provide hope for single moms!

Written by Mark Gregston.

YOU can provide hope for single moms!Rather than give you a parenting tip today, I’m going to ask you to help someone else develop their parenting skills. Between now and June 30, we have a tremendous opportunity to offer practical help and support to a very special group of parents: single moms.

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