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Someone to Look Up To

Who are the worst role models for teens right now? One website recently asked around 2,500 parents that exact question.  For girls, moms and dads claimed that Miley Cyrus was the worst role model for teen girls, followed closely by Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Amanda Bynes, and Rihanna.  On the boy’s side, parents shared that […]

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Everyone has stress at some level. It is natural. And it comes from a million different sources. But for parents of teens, the hassle meter peaks a little higher than normal. Constant emotional tension, agitation and conflict can kick it up a few notches.
Make a conscious effort to manage the pressure. Figure out how to combat that nagging tension you feel between your shoulders. Exercise. Get away. Laugh a little. Take a Sabbath.
Keeping yourself healthy will actually defuse family stress. And who knows? Maybe you will all begin laughing again.

15 hours ago