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Ten Steps to Maturity for Teenage Boys

Fifteen is the age when a boy moves into manhood while still holding on to the boyish ways of childhood. It is a time when parents need to be extra vigilant to help him make it through the transition smoothly, and therefore not get stuck at this stage for several years. Age 15 is when […]

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When I coach families, I acknowledge that discipline, training and consequences are very important. But I hope that no family forgets this fact either—that money handling is among the essential topics you should be teaching your kid.
You keep a budget. You act wisely with your credit card. You are aware of your debt and work hard to stay out of it. Does your son or daughter know how important that is to you? Have you sat down and talked them through your wisdom in handling money?
Mom and Dad, teach your kids how to deal with money.

3 hours ago