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A Healthy Relationship with Your Teen

Do you want to become your child’s best friend? Of course you do! But does friendship with your child ever get in the way of your parenting? Do you cover your eyes and ears, or overlook problems with your teenager’s behavior because you fear that confrontation will hurt your relationship? Some parents place so much value on having […]

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The book of Psalms invites us to “be still and know that He is God.” This is not always easy for a family in today’s world.
Many of us do not know the meaning of the word “still.” Our crazy pace has us stepping on planes to fly across the country, opening emails every minute of the day and texting our teens to make sure they bring the car home on time. There is always something to do or worry about.
According to this verse, we actually have a choice. Being still and remembering God’s presence, His plan and His love in this moment is an intentional decision to trust.
Today, if you find yourself overly busy, make a choice to be still and remember God’s grace to you and your family.

23 hours ago