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A Healthy Relationship with Your Teen

Do you want to become your child’s best friend? Of course you do! But does friendship with your child ever get in the way of your parenting? Do you cover your eyes and ears, or overlook problems with your teenager’s behavior because you fear that confrontation will hurt your relationship? Some parents place so much value on having […]

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When I tell parents, “Don’t be perfect,” they sometimes come back at me and say, “Well, of course I’m not perfect!”. I am not ignorant of the fact that we all have deep flaws. No one is perfect. But I meet too many moms and dads who like to act like they have it all together. Or worse yet, they demand that their teens have it all together. The standards are so high that no human can reach them — especially no awkward, gawky teenager!
So when I tell you, “don’t be perfect,” think about what you are expecting of others. Are you ready to walk away if your son makes a mistake? Are you worried that a misstep in your daughter’s behavior will reflect poorly on you?
Cut them a little slack. Give yourself some slack. No one is perfect.

8 hours ago