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Parenting Shift in the Teen Years

Do you know what needs to change about your parenting as your child approaches the teen years? So far, everything may be going like clockwork, so why change? What’s been working for more than a decade will surely continue working right up until the day your child leaves home, right? Well, not always.  Some parents are caught […]

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A parent writes, "I have a 15-year-old daughter who is negative about herself and the world in general. She finds it hard to relate to other girls for meaningful friendships. She settles for less than encouraging friends and allows herself to be mistreated by them. Her father is not in the picture much. He has an irresponsible history of stealing, gambling, jail and a revoked driver's license. I can't help to think that his lifestyle has helped with her sense of value for herself. How can I help her see the amazing lady she has become and lift her self esteem?" Check out my answer on our website at While you're there, you can also submit your own question. I answer a new one every week as part of my blog.

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