Dealing With Today's Teens - SAVE $130! Free 15-Day Preview

A Video Seminar and Workbook for Parents of Teens
and Pre-teens, for Use in Churches and Small Groups.

Help the parents in your church or group be ready for the often turbulent teen years. Teen expert Mark Gregston offers the parents of teens and pre-teens the help and hope they need in a culture that seems more confusing than ever.

In this encouraging and instructive video study, Gregston provides proven answers and practical strategies for parents to prevent their teens from falling prey to the culture in which they live.

The focus of Mark's teaching is biblical, loving and relational and helps maintain an open and honest relationship while dealing with behavior, lifestyle and choices in life.

You’ll find Mark's insights to be right on, since they are based on the practical reality of his daily counseling work with thousands of teenagers over the past 35 years. You, too, can learn the key principles he’s successfully practiced and taught parents throughout North America.

Far too many families have issues with their teenagers today and need the kind of help that Mark Gregston provides. With the lifetime vieiwing license that is included in the cost, the seminar can be shown to groups again and again for years to come, or individual families can take it home and view it as the need arises. It's a powerful investment for your church, school or group.

A Complete Seminar of Study in a Box!

  • Lifetime group viewing license
  • Eight 20-minute lessons on DVD
  • Facilitator Guide (no leader training required)
  • Two copies of the 192-page Workbook
  • Four 11 x 17 Posters (more can be ordered)
  • 50 Bulletin Inserts (more can be ordered)
  • 25 Reminder Cards (more can be ordered)
  • 50 Postcards (more can be ordered)
  • CD with reproducible promotional art
  • Demo and Promo DVD
  • Audio CD (MP3 files) of all lessons
  • Online viewing link (for those who miss the first two sessions)



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Parenting Teens in a Confusing Culture
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Meet Your Teacher

Mark Gregston

Mark Gregton is a teen behavior expert, with over 35 years experience in counseling teens and their parents.  He is the Founder and Executive Director of Heartlight, a Christian residential counseling center for struggling teens. With this video seminar, Mark shares with parents the same concepts and principles he's utilitzed to help teens get back on track in life and which he has taught in live seminars across North America.

Mark is hosts the daily Parenting Today's Teens radio broadcast heard on over 2,500 radio outlets. He is the author of several books on the topic of parenting teens, including: When Your Teen is Struggling, Parenting Teens in a Confusing Culture and What's Happening to My Teen? He writes a weekly blog ( for thousands of parents, plus he's a columnist on popular websites including:,,,, and He is a popular conference speaker, a featured speaker for Focus on the Family, and a frequent guest on national media. Mark is married to Jan, who also co-directs Heartlight. They live in Longview, Texas and have two grown children.

What others are saying about this study...

"Mark overflows with biblical wisdom and practical insights gained from over three decades of helping parents like us. Implement these insights and God's blessing will be increasingly yours and your children's."
-- Dr. James MacDonald, Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Church, Chicago
"A rare blend of humor, heart and biblical wisdom."
-- Dr. John Trent, bestselling author of The Blessing
"Mark shares his secrets to survival and success in raising teenagers, offering parents a hand as they struggle for help."
-- Steve Largent, former U.S. Congressman and Pro Football Hall of Fame Member.
"Mark has his hand on the pulse of this generation of young people and offers Biblical insight, Godly counsel and practical steps to help parents and leaders capture the hearts of young people. Mark is the real deal."
-- Senior Pastor, Dallas, Texas
"It helped our parents and our ministry staff to better understand the culture and world that our teenagers live in. It also helped us to better understand the pressures that teenagers face, some of the thinking that goes on in their minds, and the reasons they act like they do."
-- Minister to Students, Palestine, Texas
"What makes Mark different is his years of living and working with struggling kids who have needs beyond the capabilities of their parents. He has a God-given gift to understand of how to help them."
-- Seminar participant
"Mark's logical approach to behavioral issues made addressing and correcting them rewarding and relatively simple."
-- Seminar participant
"My 17-yr-old daughter is in the middle of a downward spiral. She is in counseling and as Mark has said, this has brought me to my knees and back to God in a way no other crisis could have done. I can't tell you how much Mark's wisdom and encouragement means to me and is the only thing that keeps my head up....Thank You so much for caring when no one else seems to!!!!!!!!!"
-- Seminar participant

Lesson Outline

Lesson 1 - Understanding Your Teen's Needs

  • Creating an Arena for Healthy Relationships That Meets Their Longing for Security
  • They're Entitled and Overindulged on Many Levels
  • They're Less Mature than Past Generations
  • Really, They Want It All
  • When Parenting Moves to Peerenting
  • They Long for Significance and Security
  • Creating an Arena for Healthy Relationships
  • Committing to Not Disengage

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Lesson 2 – Understanding Your Parenting Role

  • Understanding Your Role in Parenting Your Teen
  • Understanding Their Changing Perceptions
  • My Child's Relational Style
  • Embracing Your Teen
  • Offering Rest for Their Soul
  • Being Who God Has Called You To Be

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Lesson 3 – Understanding Your Teen's Behavior

  • Why Do Teens Do What they do?
  • Their Behavior is Goal Oriented
  • Your Child's Needs
  • Determining Factors in your Child's Understanding of Needs
  • Establishing Boundaries

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Lesson 4 – Understanding Your Relationship

  • When A Child’s Behavior Doesn’t Determine Their Behavior
  • Does Bad Behavior Necessarily Equal a Bad Kid?
  • When Value Isn’t Determined by Behavior
  • Loving Your Child Unconditionally
  • When a Child Fails
  • Providing a Way of Restoration
  • When Expectations Become the Standard and Alienate the Child

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Lesson 5 – Understanding the Purpose of Pain

  • How Pain Leads us to God's Blessing
  • Pain Causes us to Examine Our Circumstances
  • Pain Appears at Predictable Moments
  • Ways to Avoid Pain
  • The Godly Results of Facing Pain
  • When Protecting Becomes Enabling

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Lesson 6 – Developing Boundaries For Your Teen

  • Setting Parameters that Guide and Direct A Child
  • Boundaries Define Us
  • Boundaries Help us Set Our Priorities
  • Directing Our Child's Path

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Lesson 7 – Understanding the Roots of Discipline

  • Putting Rules and Consequences Into Effect
  • Establishing Policies and Procedures Where There Were None
  • Determining Your Beliefs
  • Communicating the Rules
  • Agreeing on the Consequences
  • Examples

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Lesson 8– Issues of Control

  • Helping a Child Make Decisions and Choices
  • Who Is in Control?
  • The Motivation for Control
  • Under And Over Control
  • Handing Over Control
  • Lack of Limits and Wrong Decisions

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How to Use This Study

This study is designed for small groups, Sunday School classes or even community-wide events. You'll be surprised how many parents are secretly struggling with teen issues today. These issue go far deeper than rebellion, and they can be life-threatening. Parents, distraught by the change in their teen, may not reveal the difficulties they are experiencing, for fear that they will be seen as "bad parents." But you'll see it on their faces or that they suddenly look ten years older than the last time you saw them.  This seminar offers encouragement and practical tools for these parents that will help them beyond measure.

Can I Charge a Fee?  Yes, feel free to charge participants a fee for attending and to cover the workbook cost.  Fees formally range from $25-$50, which will also offset the cost of the seminar kit. We've provided everything in the kit that you will need to enlist a number of people for your event, including posters, bulletin inserts, ads, postcards and much more.


Target Audience

Parents, grandparents, youth workers, counselors, church staff, and teachers will benefit from these lessons.