WEEKEND: How to Ask Questions

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Teens aren’t usually the easiest people to talk to. Sometimes even getting one or two words out of them is a rare feat! This weekend on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston talks with Heartlight students to learn how moms and dads can move past terse responses and engage in deep conversations.

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Five Things

Written by Mark Gregston. Posted in Parenting



When your teen needs something from you, what sort of things does she usually ask for?  Money?  Food?  A ride?

Sure, maybe your teen needs those things.  But she could easily get them somewhere else.  She might borrow cash from a friend, order food at a restaurant, or hail a taxi.

But there are five things your child needs that she cannot get anywhere else:  Value.  Time.  Wisdom.  Experience.  And relationship.

If she isn’t finding what she needs at home, she will look for them in other places:  in boyfriends, in academic pursuits, or in athletic achievement.  But she’s not gonna find them, ‘cause they only come from mom and dad.

Are you giving your teen what she can’t get anywhere else?  Only you can give her the value, time, wisdom, experience, and relationship she longs for.

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Raising Leaders

Written by Mark Gregston. Posted in Parenting



Sure, not every kid is destined to rule a country or run a Fortune 500 company.  But every kid can be a leader.

Leaders are those who govern themselves.  They’re not mindless followers.  They’re secure in what they know is right.  And they walk in the truth, regardless of whether others come with them.  Now that’s the type of person we want our sons and daughters to become.

But how can parents raise leaders in their own home?  It all starts with setting the example.

Mom, Dad, show your teen how to do the right thing even when it’s hard, to persevere when the chips are down, to stay calm under pressure, and to treat others with respect.

Leadership is caught, not taught.  So if you want to raise a leader, you have to be one first.

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Dos and Don’ts

Written by Mark Gregston. Posted in Parenting



Can you remember the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your teen?

Hey, teens aren’t exactly the easiest people to talk to.  Sometimes, getting even two or three words out of ‘em is a rare feat.  So if you could use some help, here are some basic dos and don’ts for connecting one- on- one with your teen.

Do ask thoughtful questions.

Do spend more time listening than talking.

Do give them your full, undivided attention.


Don’t turn your conversation into a lecture.

Don’t give your opinion, unless they ask for it.

And don’t shut down their response with critical words or body language.

Starting a conversation with your teen won’t always be easy.  But with smart techniques and a humble heart … you can make a meaningful connection.

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Adapting to Needs

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The rules you set for your first child worked like a charm.  But when child number two has reached adolescence … and nothing’s working at all.  What’s gone wrong?

No two people are the same.  Each person has his or her own likes, dislikes, learning styles and development levels.  So every teen should be considered individually when it comes to making rules.  And whatever their needs, remind your teen that rules are all about shaping their character.

As Chuck Swindoll said recently, “Kids long to know how [rules] are going to benefit them … rather than why they’re important to you.”

I have complete confidence that you can establish a working system of rules and consequences appropriate for your household.  Just keep your teen in focus … and always be ready to adapt to their unique set of needs.

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