Sharing Online

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I’ve never met a young person who didn’t want to be cool. But in cyber world, that’s certainly gotten a lot of kids into trouble!

Websites like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter offer teens a place to post pictures, videos, comments, rants, you name it. They can share whatever they want with whomever they want. And often, the illusion of privacy makes kids feel safe posting things they would never share in real life.

So Mom, Dad … keep an eye on your teen’s social media use. Let him know you’ll be regularly viewing his Facebook profile, Tumblr account, and any other place he can share content online.

The photos and comments he posts are a lot like tattoos: they’re hard to get rid of, even if they seemed cool at the time.

Let’s help our teens live with no regrets.

Checking Out of Parenting

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It’s all too easy for parents to get sidetracked right when their child needs them most.

During my high school years, I don’t remember engaging much with my parents. But families should be spending more time together as kids get older … not less! Unfortunately, the teen years are when things get busy with school and extracurricular activities … and when parents hit the peak of their demanding careers.

Are you checking out of your child’s life in a critical moment? Well, today … spend some quality time together. Insist on taking your teen out for breakfast or lunch … and make it a habit.

When you do, it tells him, “You are worth spending time with … and I will always pursue you, no matter what.”

Obsolete Technology

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When was the last time you used a pager? How about a cassette tape?

When was the last time you used a pager? A cassette tape? How about a dial-up modem?

We live in a world where things become outdated fast. The latest and greatest technology one day … becomes a pile of obsolete junk the next. And today’s teens are conditioned to think the same rule applies to our values.

That’s why we see so many young adults leaving the church. They just don’t see how biblical values hold any relevance today.

Parents need to show their children that this two- thousand- year- old Book can still get them where they want to be … and keep them from ending up somewhere they don’t want to be.

When they understand these principles are timeless, they’ll realize that God’s Word never goes obsolete.


WEEKEND: Conflict with Your Teen

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Conflict never feels good in the present. Most of us would rather just avoid it altogether. But it can be one of the most powerful and effective tools for bringing about positive change in your family. Today on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston encourages parents to look beyond the short-term pain to the long-term benefits of embracing conflict with your teen.

Psalms of Lament

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Is your life getting rough? God wants to know!

When your teen’s life starts spinning out of control, you’re undoubtedly thinkin’, “How am I gonna survive this mess?”

The book of Psalms is filled with beautiful songs of praise and thanksgiving. But it also includes some heartbreaking laments. The Psalms teach us that there is a pathway to hope, even in the midst of despair.

If you’re dealing with misery at home, start by having an honest conversation with God about your sorrow and suffering. Don’t sugar coat it. Spit it out. He can handle it.

Then, look for the silver lining. Look for the ways He’s actually working in your life. Could He be stretching you? Or teaching you to trust Him more?

Your circumstances may not change. But you can find hope in knowing this … God is near.