One Teen, Two Homes

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Parents who’ve been divorced often ask me this question:  “What should I do when my ex enforces different rules with the kids?”

Maintaining consistency in your teen’s life can be a challenge, especially if she spends part of her week somewhere else.  But be careful not to change the boundaries, rules, and consequences in your own home just to make it a more attractive place to be.  You should always keep your child’s best interests at heart, regardless of what your ex does or doesn’t do.

Remember, kids are resilient in these situations.  As your teen grows older, she’ll gravitate toward the parent she believes wants the best for her.  And one day, she’ll look back and thank you for helping her get to a better place.

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WEEKEND: 10 Things I Wish My Dad Did Differently

Written by Mark Gregston. Posted in Parenting



Dads are an irreplaceable half of the parenting team. And every teen longs to have a meaningful relationship with his father… whether he admits it or not! On today’s edition of Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston lists the top ten things that Heartlight students wish their dads had done differently.

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Beauty from Ashes

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I grew up in a rigid household.  Not a lot of room for making mistakes.  Do you have some tough memories, too?

When I was growing up, it was Dad’s way or the highway.  He was a drill sergeant.  Keep your room squeaky clean.  Yes sir.  No sir.  Don’t cuss.  Never be late.  And speak only when you’re spoken to.

Don’t get me wrong.  Respect ran high.  But our relationship suffered under dad’s rule.

Well, the older I get, the more I understand his motives.  I have disappointments.  But he’s made me the man I am today.  And I’m constantly reminded that God can bring good out of any situation.

Yours, too.  We don’t need to live like victims!  And no matter how bad things got in your home, God can bring beauty from ashes.

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A Promise I Can Keep

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I try not to make promises I can’t keep.  But here’s one promise I feel confident enough to make to you today … your teen will mess up!

Sooner or later, something’s bound to happen.  She’ll get caught driving too fast … and come home with a speeding ticket.  Or he’ll put off studying … and flunk the big history test.

When our teens blow it, we often think that we need to be the consequence.  We’ll pull away, retract our love, and give them the cold shoulder.  But don’t you think that failing grade or speeding ticket is punishment enough?

The next time your teen messes up, keep loving them while you let the natural consequences do their work.  Your love shouldn’t change once your kid messes up.  And, believe me, he will mess up!

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What’s on Their Mind

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Have you ever wondered what your teen really thinks?

Parents … there’s no need to wonder.  Just ask!

The truth is, most teens have a hidden desire to tell their mom and dad what’s really on their mind.  But our kids have gotten so used to tweeting and texting that they find it difficult to communicate their emotions in a face- to- face conversation.

So … if you’re willing to  help them get started, and you’re ready to hear an honest answer … try asking this question at dinner tonight:  “Where do you think I’m lacking as a parent?

That’ll spark a discussion!  And you’ll find out what your teen really thinks.  Ready for the challenge?  Ask the question and give ‘em an opportunity to share what they’ve been longing to say.

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