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Come Spend a Year in Texas with Us
Making a Difference in the Life
of Struggling Teens

Heartlight Ministries is looking for energetic, highly motivated, responsible, mature, and loving staff to live in house with struggling teens that have been placed in our care by loving and caring parents who live throughout the U.S. Canada.  These residential staff must be single, between the ages of 21 and 30, and will live in-house with other staff overseeing and supervising up to 10 young people.
Would you consider spending a year making a difference in the life of teens through the pouring your life and wisdom into these young people who are struggling through life?  The work is hard, the rewards are great, and the impact just might save the life of a young teen and their family.

Click the Video to hear why the Heartlight staff loves this job!

These are paid positions (ranging from $1,200 to $1,600 a month) that also include room and board, health insurance, andparticipation in our 401 (k) after a year’s service.

The schedule is a 5 days on/2 days off schedule, and actual work time is about 50 hours per week; sometimes more, sometimes less.

Our ministry is to the child that lives with us on the Heartlight property and to their parents who attend a regular series of retreats and participate in weekly phone calls with our licensed therapists.  Residential staff supervise the resident teens, and participate in activities throughout the week and are given the opportunity to share their life in hopes of helping the teen work through the Heartlight program, which usually last 11 months for each.

“Work Hard, Play Hard, Serve Hard”

Let us help steer you to the most cost-effective Christian boarding schools, drug rehabs, and wilderness programs for teens and Christian therapeutic programs. If our program is not right for you, ask us about other boys homes, or boarding schools for girls, or Christian theraepeutic boarding schools for boys, or therapeutic residential programs for boys, or boarding schools for girls.